Domo Ambition Junkie; Megan Frai

Ambition Junkie; Megan Frai

Amazing. 🎨Hehe

Done dreaming, it’s time to BE.





I have reblogged this an innumerable amount of times and I won’t stop. The media spreads this false image to its viewers and we wonder why our self esteem as a whole is so distorted. It’s because the images so constantly shoved down our throats is.


They looked 10X better before the editing. 

That’s the Megan I know and love

EXACTLY WHAT I WILL REFISE TO HAVE HAPPEN TO ME. Absolutely not. Anyone wants to use me as a mag cover they will not be touching me up. If I go on a television interview, I’m going on with no make up. Someone has to stand up for reality and for the people who actually think that this is beauty. It’s gross and it’s worse that people have to compare themselves to this.

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Via Adventure Awaits

Just 22 days and I will be making the big move to the land where hopes and dreams are fought for, and where others are trampled on because those bearing such dreams give up. It’s a big move, but one that needs to be made, and that I feel will be one of the best in my life. I’m going out in search of being able to wake up everyday doing what it is that i love to do; acting. First things first? Find a pay-the-bills night job, then find a great manager and agent. Lets make things happen. Gotta get my stuff together so that I can try to be the next Wonder Woman ;)

Never let the light go out.

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